Best online relationship counseling

Best online relationship counseling? You feel that things are not right in your relationship and that “something” needs to be done. This feeling has arisen over time or due to a drastic event. The relationship counseling of Your Love holds up a mirror to you and teaches you to recognize, acknowledge and break through negative interaction patterns.

Clarity through relationship counseling

No matter what the reason, Your Love’s relationship counseling makes it clear in 13 steps IF and HOW a “TOGETHER” is still possible.
Attachment, emotion regulation, communication, dealing with criticism, conflict, fears, lost love, jealousy, infidelity, connection, loyalty, intimacy, sexuality, relational needs, negative interaction patterns and separation are topics that will be covered, among others.

Guidance by relationship counselor

If you have questions about relationship counseling, you may ask them of our relationship counselors who see themselves more as relationship coaches.

Get started immediatly

Relationship counseling is set up so that you can get started immediately online, with no waiting periods at your own pace.

What does online relationship counseling cost?

For AU$ 215, you and your partner will have access to Your Love’s relationship counseling for a year.

Results of online relationship counseling

The outcome of relationship counseling has two possible outcomes. You believe in each other and want to address the areas of improvement to build a loving intimate relationship. A relationship where the balance between trust, attention and tension allows intimacy to grow.
When no more together is possible, you know that you have done everything possible, allowing you to part in a respectful way. From Your Love, we give direction on how you can do this.
Whatever the outcome, you have learned a lot about yourself. The insights are ‘building blocks’ for a happy life, because you too are entitled to happiness!
best online couples counseling
Loving intimate relationship

Explanation of methodology

Relationship counseling is based on EFT, CBCT and IBCT supplemented with consciousness insights.
  • EFT = Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • CBCT = Cognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy
  • IBCT = Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy
EFT focuses on emotions and feelings to explore and resolve relationship issues. EFT is less appropriate for relationships where communication or psychological problems are at the root. For this purpose, elements from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBCT and IBCT) and conscious thinking have been added to Your Love’s online relationship counseling.

Affordable relationship counseling

Since 2004, the methodology of Your Love has been continually developed and, over time, transformed into online relationship counseling.
The reason was that relationship problems were, after depression and anxiety disorders, one of the most common reasons for treatment within mental health care. By health insurance companies, relationship problems as a primary complaint are no longer reimbursed.
Thus was born the need for affordable relationship counseling that is accessible to all.

Relationship counseling is always useful

Relationship counseling is in 80% of the couples the solution to continue with each other. Even in couples where one of the partners was skeptical or negative at first. If the stubborn partner does ‘click’, then these are often the go-getters.
If the relationship problems have not been addressed for years, chances are that the love has died out. Due to detachment, it is almost impossible to rekindle it. Feeling is not manufacturable and cannot be rekindled by relationship counseling.

Online relationship counseling

Relationship counseling is not something of the last 10 years. The way and how we organize it has changed due to environmental awareness, the internet and COVID.
Relationship counseling that fits your lifestyle, without ‘homework’, that is the online relationship counseling of Your Love. This is supplemented with support from experienced relationship counselors, if you need it.

Relational needs

When we talk about a good relationship, we are talking about a lasting loving intimate relationship. A relationship within which you feel loved, valued and respected. That is what we strive for in the online relationship therapy of Your Love.
The enduring loving intimate relationship fulfills three important relational needs:
  • Need for bonding
  • Need for togetherness
  • Need for own space

Need for bonding

Attachment is about the need for emotional connection within a love relationship. Think about the need for love, appreciation, intimacy, support and security. Much of what goes well and not well within a relationship has to do with the degree of meeting this need of attachment.

Need for togetherness

By need for together we mean the need to function together (socially). Partners in a love relationship form a ‘functional’ unit in the social, societal, financial and legal fields. The relationship also needs to meet caring tasks, such as caring for children or sick relatives.
The reason was that relationship problems were, after depression and anxiety disorders, one of the most common reasons for treatment within mental health care. By health insurance companies, relationship problems as a primary complaint are no longer reimbursed.
The relationship must also provide for other social functions such as maintaining social contacts, work and income, housing and living needs.  Most couples live together and form a legal unit, are jointly responsible and liable.
It is not uncommon for partners to be more occupied with social tasks than they are with spending time together for a good conversation. Conversations in which things are coordinated, arranged and tasks are divided. If this is not done properly, it creates dysfunction in one or both partners which leads to dissatisfaction within the relationship.
In practice, it is common for partners to have a good functional unity, but the emotional connection has been compromised.

Need for own space

Within the relationship there should also be room for the individual needs. By this we mean, among other things, one’s own development, one’s own identity, one’s own career, one’s own space, one’s own opinion and one’s own social contacts.
Too much compromise and adjustment for the sake of the relationship and satisfaction of the other can later lead to dissatisfaction, disruption and distance in the relationship. When conflicts are not expressed, or when one partner is very dominant and the other is too accommodating, this can also lead to disruption.


Relational needs are not merely about attachment and affective needs. Communicating with each other and understanding each other are just as important for making compromises, reaching agreements, caring and organizing.
Disruptions at the attachment level will directly affect the quality of the attachment bond and partners need to repair it whenever possible. Examples include breach of trust, growing apart due to too little time together, or decrease in passion and affection.
Disruptions in the areas of togetherness and personal space will not directly affect the attachment bond, but if left unresolved, they may begin to do so over time. Examples include stress from persistent money problems, work problems, social or psychological problems.
The ongoing problems lead to growing frustration, annoyances, arguments or loss of respect.
As needs are met, the relationship can continue to develop and the bond of love becomes stronger and stronger.
Your Love’s relationship counseling helps you work on yourself and build on your relationship.
Your Love’s relationship therapy is also know as: the online couples therapy, online couples counseling and the online marriage counseling.
The best online relationship counseling in Australia? It’s about Your Love!
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